April 2016

Hour 19 – The Audio Hours!

FYI (15)

Helloooooo errrrbody!!!! This is Andi, and I’m tickled to be here with you. Heck, I’m tickled to still be awake! This hosting spot saves me every readathon.

Now I have a true story for you…

wrecked eyes

I did wreck these eyes reading. All. Day. Long. I think it’s time to switch to audio…Amy Poehler’s YES PLEASE! Have you embraced audio today? Honestly, I feel behind the curve on this one, but it’s the first time I’ve audio’ed for a Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon! I took it on a run with me this morning, and now I’m right back to it.

Have you indulged in audiobooks today? If not, what’s keeping your eyeballs glued to the page? 


Pump Up the Jam

Still Going

Literary Wanderlust!

Kickass Characters

Diversity Shelfie

Prize Winners

Jemima Osborne

Whitney Werling

Nicole Woods


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13 thoughts on “Hour 19 – The Audio Hours!”

  1. Yes Please was my initial pick for audiobook, but I ended up sticking with the same book all day, luckily I have it in audio because my eyes are wrecked!


  2. I have two and an audiobook on CD, but have managed to read only print today! I took frequent breaks, and took out my contacts earlier this evening, so that helps! So…my audiobooks were: Light in August (need to listen to this before book group in a couple of weeks–I’m not sure I can slog through it otherwise!), Leaders Eat Last (finishing although the FB discussion is pretty much over!) and I borrowed Nancy Drew The Secret of the Old Clock (a childhood favorite!).


  3. Audio doesn’t work so hot for me. Music is fine, instrumental or lyrical, but for practical purposes one can’t put an audiobook on infinite repeat the way one can a three- to five-minute song (nor, in most cases, can one Google a randomly selected string of words from the audio and come up with the whole text). So unless I am making a point of focusing on nothing else but the audio (to the exclusion of thinking about what the audio is saying), I lose track frequently. And it’s harder to re-listen-to a missed bit of audio than to reread a paragraph, just from a technical standpoint–where did the missed bit begin? oops, moved the pointer too early, oops, moved the pointer too late; easier just to skim the page until finding the right paragraph. So I can’t really do audio even for the length of a podcast, never mind an audiobook.

    (Why yes, in-person interpersonal interaction with me does involve a lot of “Could you repeat that?”)


  4. I just (finally) finished Sense and Sensibility and my eyes are going crossed. This blog post reminded me of an old box of books on tape (yes, cassette tape.) Anyhow, my eyes are saved but my theme is gone. Goodbye Miss Austen, hello Walter Lord’s account of the sinking of the Titanic, “A Night to Remember.” Still going strong!


  5. Definitely time for an audiobook! I have Yes, Please! I was thinking about starting it again. Started a month ago but got hooked on another title. Think I’ve only got an hour left on Poehler’s book so might be a wise choice.


  6. I have been able to read for 7.48 hours during the first 19 hours. I used audio for 4.4 hours out of those 7.48 hours. My eyes tire too fast even if I am well rested. Of course, now I am really sleepy & need to nap for a bit. I hope I can resume before the challenge ends. This was my first readathon & I have had a blast. Reading 2 1/3 books is more than I expected of myself. Thanks to everyone for their hard work.


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