April 2016

Warm-Up: What Kind of Readathon-er Are YOU?

Warm UpI am a fairly new to the readathon game (I think this time will be my third). My first few times I hung around the edges of the activities not really knowing how this crazy fun mess worked.  I quickly realized that there is no right (or wrong) way to readathon and that is what makes it so great.

While I was lurking I noticed something interesting: that the vast majority of readathon-ers are one of four types which I broke down for you, because I am nerdy like that! There are, of course, outliers, and there are people who can fit into a couple categories, but I think most of us can find easily figure out what team we are on.

Now the question is: What kid of Readathon-er are you?

The Social Readathon-er

If you are excited about the social networking aspects of the readathon as much as the actual reading, this type is you.  You cheer people with abandon, tweet and retweet with gusto, and comment and #Bookstagram with the best of them.

The Casual Readathon-er

If you like the thought of readathon but lack a bit on the execution, this one is for you.  You start out strong, cracking your book right as the clock clicks over to your start time, but as the day moves along you get restless or, more likely, life gets in the way.  You meet your sister for brunch or go out to your supper with your partner. You are still readathon-ing, but you are still going about your business as usual.

The Working Readathon-er

If you are sitting in your workplace while everyone else is curled up in their comfy clothes reading…this, my friends, is you.  It seems like you and the readathon were not meant to be this time around, but that is not going to stop you.  You read before, after and (maybe) during work.  You quietly listen to audiobooks at your desk and jealously look at the Instagram pics of others’ reading nooks and steaming cups of tea.

The Hardcore Readathon-er

If you curl up with your books once the readathon starts and commit to the full 24 hours (or damn close), you are Hardcore.  You read, you nap, you snack, you may hang out on social media a bit, but reading is the reason you are here and your to-be-read stack proves it.

Thanks soooo much for this fun post, Cassie from Nose Stuck in a Book and @CassieRaukNose Stuck in a Book