October 2015

Hour 6 – Reading with Kids

My Reading Adventure

Hi! Amanda here from Fig and Thistle! I’ll be your co-host for the next few hours.

I can relate to how that little fellow feels. I cry a bit when I’m trying to read on my lunch-break and I’m constantly interrupted. I just wanna read! Waaahhhh!

That’s my favorite part of read-a-thon, reading for hours on end! I have to remind myself to be kind to my brain, eyes, and body and move around and do other things. Luckily, my kids help me with that! I may stay squirreled away and reading for hours (thanks, husband!) but when I emerge for a break I like to involve my kids in read-a-thon. Okay, I don’t force my teenager, she is doing her thing, but my two little ones Atticus (nearly 5) and Persy Jane (2 1/2) are eager to read, visit the library, watch an episode of Reading Rainbow (streaming on Netflix and Amazon!) and even play read-a-thon.

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Here is Atticus prepping his tent for read-a-thon. Stacks of books are ready in the tent and Dr. Doom, Spider-man, and Naked Cabbage Patch Baby are ready to read.

When you feel the need to take a break from reading, think about spending that time prepping the next generation of read-a-thoners! This isn’t just for parents; read to a neighborhood kid, niece, nephew, etc…. Or you could donate some time, books, or money to a literacy group or library.

Remember, read-a-thon is about fostering a community of readers and our little book lovers count!

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8 thoughts on “Hour 6 – Reading with Kids”

  1. That is so crazy! I made a tent JUST LIKE THAT ONE for my oldest son when he was about three and he used it until it completely wore out and fell apart. He is now serving in the Marine Corps. Not they have anything to do with each other but they might. He still loves sleeping in tents and being outside. Happy reading to you guys!!! Thanks for sharing such a precious photo. Your son looks so very proud of that tent and those books. Hurray for children reading books!!!


    1. That’s so cool! He was very proud of his readathon stack, but a little bummed he cannot have my coffee. My kids know that books and coffee go hand in hand!


  2. I love your picture–precious! The book I am currently reading is all about preserving the world of literature–especially for children so you pic really speaks to my heart right now. My children were all readers growing up and it is one of the proudest things I accomplished as a mommy.


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