October 2015

Warm Up: Managing Reading Fun for 24 Hours

I hope everyone is ready and excited for the Read-a-Thon.

This is such a fun event and I have truly enjoyed participating since 2008!

Besides spending 24 hours reading, there are numerous challenges, giveaways, and online activities you will probably want to take part in as well. That is what makes Dewey’s Read-a-thon such a fun community event–the interactions with all our fellow online readers.

One of the challenges you may face is managing your reading time with your online time. You really need a good balance of the two. So here are some tips on how best to manage your day. Hope it helps. It definitely helped me have a stress free read-a-thon.

Tip #1- Set a reading goal. This can be number of books you want to finish, or number of pages.  I have found that “chunkers” are not the best for read-a-thons. Shorter, faster reads seem to make the day more manageable. Plus, every time you finish a book- you can give yourself permission to go online and share with other readers, participate in a challenge, or cheer someone else on.

Tip #2- Challenges. Pick a few or do them all? I usually only participate in a few. They are usually quick and easy to complete but, trying to do them all can take up your reading time. They are fun, though. Work them in when it makes sense to.

Tip #3- Don’t feel the need to check in every hour. I did this my first year.  Every hour I went to the blog and updated my pages read, books read, etc. This is not necessary and can be done a lot less frequently.  Pick one place for you to follow other readers and quickly share how you are doing, and where you can be cheered. Make sure you set up notifications. I find Twitter works best for this.

Tip #4- Take breaks. You do not want to read, read, read without taking breaks or you will burn yourself out before the end. Grab a snack and then grab your phone or computer for a quick check in. Visit the Read-a-Thon site and check out the latest challenge. Visit other readers and cheer them on! You don’t have to be a cheerleader to encourage others. Plus, it is fun to see how everyone else is doing.

Tip #5- Have fun! This is supposed to be fun, an excuse to read all day. How often do we wish we could do this? Enjoy it! Do whatever makes you have the best Read-a-Thon experience.

Thank you to Mari from MariReads! | Twitter @marireads