Hey Readathoners!

How’s the reading going so far? We’re in hour 13 and by now we’ve all read a few books and eaten more than our fair share of snacks.

We’re the bloggers behind The Socratic Salon and we’d like to tell you about the books we’re reading today specifically because they are coming up on our discussion schedule:

Monika: Citizen for me.

Jennifer: Citizen here as well!

Catherine: I’m so behind that I’ll be reading Dept of Speculation- no pressure there!

Shannon: I’m also reading Claudia Rankine’s Citizen (for a second time!), but I’m thinking there may be a TSS discussion of The Argonauts in the works, too.

Monika: I’m going to try to get to The Argonauts, too. Can’t wait!

April: I’m resisting Citizen because I’m afraid of poetry, but these gals at TSS are expert book pushers so in the next few hours I might be reading……. Citizen.


Have you ever made plans to buddy read during the Readathon?

Happy Reading from @SocraticSalon:

April: @steadfastreader
Catherine: @gilmoreguide
Jennifer: @jenhartling
Monika: @lovelybookshelf
Shannon: @rivercityreadin



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7 thoughts on “Hour 13 – Readathon Books Coming Up on TSS!

  1. April, THANK YOU! I’m afraid of poetry too, and everyone looks at me like I have three heads when I say as much. And then they try to convince me that I really DO understand it, or CAN, or… yeah no.
    Also, I really enjoyed TSS’s conversation about Hausfrau and will be back for more (though not likely for Citizen). 🙂


    1. You CAN understand Citizen, I promise (look, I’m trying to convince you!). It’s nothing like your typical sonnets and stanzas. I think we won April over already 😉


      1. Staaahhhhhhppittttttt, do not want…! I already promised my sister I would give Ellen Hopkins’s Crank a go this readathon, so that’s my poetry done for 2015! 😉


    2. After reading Citizen today I will be pushing it on to everyone. It’s completely accessible and fantastic and…wow.

      Kirsten, looking forward to more chats with you on the Salon 😀


  2. I love the idea of a Readathon buddy read! I know there’s a readalong happening today, but it wasn’t a book I already had on my list. Plus, a buddy read would be easier to coordinate 🙂


    1. It was fun to read The Yellow Wallpaper today, knowing that others were doing the same. And a bunch of the Socratic Salon gals were reading the same stuff too. It was a different way of going about things for me and I really liked it. 😀


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