Hey Readers! It’s Courtney from the currently on hold Stiletto Storytime hanging out with you and hosting for the next two hours. Are you still awake? You are SO close to the half way mark. Seriously…just one more hour and our readathon is half way complete. Say it isn’t so, right? So let’s read now like there is no tomorrow. Read like you have absolutely nothing to do tomorrow but sleep and read some more. We can all deal with our reading hangovers tomorrow together but not until then because we’ve got more books to read and the night/day is young depending on where you are in the world!

In the meantime I’m curious what everyone is reading right this second as Hour 11 kicks off with a bang?



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27 thoughts on “Hour 11: Read Like There is No Tomorrow

    1. I have not read Dracula in forever Emma…I need to re-read that this year. I also wanted to re-visit some gothic classics like “The Monk”. I thought about it for readathon but it’s a bit heavy for 24 hours of reading. 😉


    1. I really enjoyed that series. Last week I finally read “Dorothy Must Die” and the new “The Wicked Will Rise” sequel which is good if you want to continue into more alternate versions of Oz.


    1. That was just a little creepy! I was replying to Tary above and just recommended that very book Kirsten. I finished it last week. I really liked the sequel too. Now I just have to wait quite awhile to find out what happens next.


    1. As a former children’s librarian I have a very soft spot in my heart for Roald Dahl books. “The Witches” is probably my favorite.


  1. I am currently reading The Husband’s Secret. I am just getting through the intros of all the storylines that eventually intertwine later in the book. Another cup of coffee and a bathroom break, perhaps a fruit and yogurt parfait and I’ll be at it again!


  2. I am reading Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo. I’ve loved the series so much that I haven’t wanted to read the last one.


  3. I just finished the 5th chapter of a very weird book called The Boy With The Cuckoo-Clock Heart. I think I’ll set it aside and start Winner’s Curse after a break/nap since I’m not liking it so much.


    1. I do that too Zi! Readathon is too short to be reading something you are not totally into and you have to keep yourself excited to go the distance. Good choice!


    1. Oh my..I remember when that was the “it” book. It was the “Gone Girl” of it’s day! Enjoy. Have you seen the movie yet or are you doing it fresh?


      1. Haha yeah, everyone I knew was reading it but it just kept getting pushed to the back of my reading list… 5 years later… I read it fresh, it was well-written but I wasn’t really satisfied by the ending. Is the movie worth watching?


  4. Having to jump between reading and writing today (so its a reading-writing marathon?) Just finished a writing break, so now I’m going to finish up this scene and go back to reading! Hope to finish at least two books today 🙂


    1. Sounds good to me. When you are writing you are ultimately reading too so it definitely counts-no doubt. Enjoy your reading time too and I hope you hit your goal. 😉


  5. First time participant who is a little confused…how/where do we post the books we’ve completed if we don’t have a blog or Twitter account…you guys keep a complete Readathon list of all books read by participants, I believe (as much as possible) and I can’t figure out how to submit them…?


    1. Alexa- Look at the very bottom of the hourly posts and you’ll see the DATABASE link each time. You can enter your books read there!


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