April 2015, readathon

April 2015: Readathon READALONG!


It’s a first, y’all! Our first Dewey’s Readathon READALONG! This will be hosted by my partner-in-crime, Heather from Capricious Reader, and my other bookish soulmate, Amanda from Fig and Thistle!

By signing up to participate in the Readalong you’re just expressing your interest in tackling this short, classic work on THE DAY! You can check out Heather and Amanda’s blogs on April 25 for discussion opportunities or share your own post and link-up.

Express your interest by signing up below!

See who’s signed up HERE!

17 thoughts on “April 2015: Readathon READALONG!”

  1. What a wonderful idea, this is definitely on my list and I have just checked and my local library has a copy on the shelf so I will pop out tomorrow and nab it quick. I will be on my own again this time (my daughter ran away to London and left me) and this will feel like having company while I read.


    1. It’s one of my faves! I think I’m going to have to re-read. And I didn’t realize it’s a Little Black Classics edition! I neeeed it!


  2. Fabulous idea! I love that book. I will have to find my copy. It will be a re-re-re-read for me but it’s great to have a nice short length title to add to me readathon list! Happy reading ladies!


    1. It’s a short story or novella more than a novel. It’s “The Yellow Wallpaper,” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. It’s also available online.


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  4. What a cool idea! I read this years ago in a women’s lit course – it’ll be interesting to revisit it. It’s stuck with me very vividly all this time!


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