Hi there, lovely Readathoners! This is Shannon from River City Reading taking over as co-host for a bit. Now that we’ve hit hour nine, have you had to deal with any unexpected interruptions? They certainly happen to the best of us. I’ve had not one, but TWO different readathons derailed by migraines. Thankfully, this time I’m in the clear (so far). But remember: it’s all about the fun, not how many hours or books you mark down at the end of the day. Sometimes life happens and that’s okay, too.

But if you need an interruption, maybe Rory Gilmore’s most bookish moments will be just the ticket.

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14 thoughts on “Hour 9 – Don’t Mind the Interruptions

  1. Love me some GG! I have been trying to keep myself from a little TV break today…I have a huge desire to watch The Paradise on Masterpiece on demand. I am just in a Zola mood today for some reason. I might have to get out my copy and do some re-reading to keep the TV monster at bay!


    1. I already made a plan to watch last night’s episode of The Knick later with my husband once he gets home from work. A nice little hour long TV break will be a good rest.


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