Hey all! It’s Shannon from River City Reading back to get you through hour ten. So, tell me a little about your books – the good, the bad, hopefully not the ugly! Has anything surprised you so far? If you’re tackling something a little heftier, how’s it coming? Make sure to keep track of what you’ve read in our database once you’re done!

No matter what, I hope you’re all having the time of your lives!

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17 thoughts on “Hour 10 – All the Books!

  1. Sadly, my first book was terrible! There were way too many contradictory statements in plot and characterization. It boggled my mind. Hopefully, my later reads turn out better!


  2. I love “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn! I have been reading it since we started the readathon. It is a little overwhelming, and I have a heavy feeling on my chest while reading it, but so far, I cannot stop reading! It has been a while since I read such a captivating book!


  3. It always surprises me how long it takes for me to get through a book during the readathon. But… I answer texts, I go to the kitchen…. I let the dogs out, I talk on the phone, I went to the grocery store, I work on mini challenges, and I read blogs,… Truly I need to be locked in a padded room with only books 🙂


  4. I’m now actually starting the readathon because of silly errands. Life getting in the way of my reading. x) I’m currently reading Lamb by Christopher Moore and really enjoying it, I’m determined to finish it today because I feel like I’ve been reading it for so long but its really funny.


  5. I have a question about the book form. It’s hard to list pages when I finish an audiobook. Not that you should change the form in midstream. How does everyone else list the length of their audiobook?


    1. I’m not sure about audio, Dwayna. I’ve been reading comics (single issues), and they don’t have real page numbers, so I just left that bit blank.


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