Since we’ve tweaked some of our processes, Andi’s video will explain a few things you might want to know for Readathon day! Here’s the gist of it in bullets…

  • Please sign up to be a READER today if you want to be guaranteed cheerleader visitors on April 26th! You can still sign up to be a reader through the readathon event day, but you may not be as cheered-for as you’d like. Andi says: I will personally cheer for you if you miss this deadline!
  • Read the Prizes page! We have US, UK, and International prize sections!
  • Read the Prizes page! We have a form you’ll use to claim your prize IF you’re an hourly winner!
  • READ the Prizes page (seeing a pattern?)! We are offering our international winners “angel vouchers.” A specific number of books from US publishers which will be shipped to international winners. We don’t want to over commit what we can afford to ship!
  • If you’d like to donate a book (free international shipping!) or be an angel, there’s still time! See the sidebar on the left!
  • Can you help us reach 75 cheerleaders? Last night we were at 64! See the sidebar on the left!

THANK YOUUUUUU for your generosity, patience, understanding and awesomeness! These changes are seriously improving Heather’s and Andi’s quality of life pre- and post-readathon! 😀 We hope that greatness bleeds over into your overall experience, too!

3 thoughts on “Tweaks and Tips! More Things You Might Need to Know!

  1. Um – I know that I missed last nights deadline to signup and have guaranteed cheerleaders (it was Girl Scouts), but that is okay – my bad for blanking this out last night. I still thought that I would sign up. Unfortunately either I have gone blind or the linky is missing because I couldn’t see a linking tool anywhere on the Readers page. Help, help?


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