Helloooooooooooooooo, everybody! Today is the day! Reader sign-ups are here, and we are so excited you’re joining us for the April 26, 2014 Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon!

Watch Andi’s video with some additional info. See what we’ve tweaked this time around and why we cut off the deadline to be cheered FOR a little early (Wednesday, April 23).


117 thoughts on “April 2014 READER Sign-Ups!

  1. Whoops, I typed my link wrong (entry 472), so I submitted it again. Sorry about that.
    Also, this is really cool. I haven’t done a readathon since the booktubeathon last summer, and it’s just been too long.
    This will be fun 🙂


  2. I’m so excited to participate. This is my first time in a 24hr read-a-thon and it landed on the perfect day. I’m doing my senior project on literature and this would be a prefect addition to my end product which is the blog I’ve created. Good luck you guys!!


  3. Sorry I put mine up twice – website didn’t work for the first one.
    Anyway I am looking forward to this a lot. This is my first time and I’m sure that after this I will be participating in them every time.
    I am planning to read the inheritance series, the shadowhunter codex and the fault in our stars. Not all of them just bits and of the codex and only tfios if I get up to it.
    Again very sorry


  4. I know I missed the cheerleader deadline, but I JUST found out about this today. So could I get a cheerleader anyway? I really like challenges.


  5. Hey! Just a suggestion, but, maybe next time around you could look into doing some advertising with Figment.com(it’s a site where aspiring authors post their work for feedback) and maybe do cheerleading on there. Just a suggestion for the next readathon. I think you will find a receptive audience there since it is filled with writers reading each other’s writing. Hey, they could even count reviewing other writers’ work on the site as part of their readathon reading. Haha.
    Can’t wait for the readathon. Super excited!

    ~Kyla Marie Rich : )


  6. hey guys!

    i signed up last week, but was checking the list now, and didn’t see myself in it… i just signed up again, in case.

    But does it all mean that i can’t participate now?


    1. No you can still participate if the second one went through. I signed up 3 times because I got my website wrong first and then I wanted to add my twitter.
      Just make sure the second went through and if it didn’t try again


  7. First read-a-thon. I hope I can hold out the whole 24 hours, even if I do have to sleep. I’m looking forward to this and have already written a blog post on my tumblr blog explaining everything before I start at 1pm (UK Time).

    Let’s do this 😀


  8. I’ve only just found out about this and I would love to participate. The date is quite perfect timing as I’m on Easter holidays right now. Though the readathon now has already started. 😦
    Is there gonna be another one of these this year?
    Or will there not be another one till next year?


  9. sorry, tried to sign up, my link doesn’t seem to work–I tried two times. Guess I’m not sure how to add the link. Won’t try again as two attempts is already one too many. Didn’t mean to clutter the list. Sorry. : (


  10. I just signed up in the middle of the Thon. Thot I’d signed up weeks ago. I’ve blogged about it several times and forgot? Or maybe my first attempt failed. Or I just missed my name on the triple scroll through. If the latter feel free to delete the second one. I came over to check because I thot it strange I’d had no cheerleader visit yet.

    We have an amazing turnout this time! This is my 14th Dewey Thon and I’m so jazzed to be a part of it.


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