All right folks, this is where I leave you. But I leave you, there is one thing I want to do.

You should be hitting your stride now, but I want to get you up, get you moving, and get your blood pumping! It’s important to take breaks and move around a bit. Helps keep those reading juices flowing!

So, let’s get physical!

There! Don’t you feel better? Thought so!

Now, this is where I leave you, but I leave you in some very capable hands. Have fun, be good (or not, as you feel led), and keep in touch! I’ll be over at my own blog, Capricious Reader. Come by and say hi!

Mini Challenge

Retitle Your Current Book

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Book Appetite

Book Spine Poetry 

Winners Announced – E-mail to claim a prize from the Prize Page!

1. Hannah

2. Shannon

Cheerleader Winner


Add your books!

12 thoughts on “Hour 4 – Let’s Get Physical!

  1. Really liking having the form to fill in your books available on each post, I know it takes up a lot of room, but very easy to find that way, thanks!

    Thanks to all Dewey’s “workers” for all the effort in putting the read-a-thon together!


  2. Just taking a break as I finished my first book. It was one that I’d begun yesterday so I’d already read 178 of its 472 pages. Recorded balance on database.

    Now for a cup of tea, biscuits and a stretch before the next round.


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