I still love that picture.

Sooooo? How’s it going???? Great I hope!

I hope you’re deep in your books now and barely have time for me. But I DO hope you will make time to log your finished books in our April 2013 Read-a-thon Database. In April 2012, we read over 200 books. In October 2012, we read 488 books! What kind of numbers can we reach THIS year? I know I can’t wait to see!

Now go get reading!!

Mini Challenges

Book Spine Poetry 

Still Ongoing

Opening Event Meme

Winners Announced – E-mail to claim a prize from the Prize Page!

1. Michelle

2. Jenn

(Since they are reading together! I love that!)

– Cheerleader Winner

Bookish Ruth

Add your books here!

12 thoughts on “Hour 2 – Post the Books!

  1. So far so good, but I have to admit the book I just added is one I started before the Readathon. I just couldn’t set it aside to start something else – it is just too good.

    The book is 315 pages and I was on 136 when the readathon started.

    Plus the link to my website I typed in wrong. Always forget the .net at the end.

    Oh well, what counts is the reading…which I need to get back too!


    1. @Sharlene – I am not sure. I will ask Andi about seeing the database of books. I would also be interested in seeing what everyone has read in one place!


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