In October 2012 I participated in my first Dewey’s Read-a-Thon.  At that time I was signing up for every challenge that came down the pike and I gleefully hopped on the read-a-thon train as well.

I’ve since learned that I cannot participate in every event because I’ll burn myself out. But the one event that I will never miss is this one. Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon is the bee’s knees of the book blogging world.


Tips for Success


What I wish had known when I was a newbie


  • Food is important. I loaded up on snacks last time around. I wish I had thrown something in the slow cooker in the morning so that I could have had a real meal at some point. This time around I won’t forget REAL food. I’ll also make sure to have plenty of Raisinettes on hand. Because duh.


  • Don’t be afraid to take breaks. Don’t feel guilty for taking a snooze if you need to. I’m a gal who loves her nappy time and I’m 99% sure I’ll be “resting my eyes” during the read-a-thon.


  • Break up the day with short reads. During the last read-a-thon I read my very first graphic novel. They are like lovely little palate cleansers and they are perfect for this occasion.


  • Move your body once in a while. Run around the block. Do some jumping jacks. Get your heart pumping a few times during the day. I’ve heard that bedsores are uncomfortable. Let’s avoid those, shall we?


  • Don’t miss the best parts of this event. Readers are awesome. Get to know some new people by partaking in the challenges throughout the day.


Happy reading you crazy read-a-thoners! I’ll see you around on the big day!



Thanks so much to Jennifer of The Relentless Reader for her enthusiasm last year and willingness to help out this year!


13 thoughts on “Read-a-thon Count Down: Day 2. Newbie Tips!

  1. I actually became a book blogger because I came across Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. I always request off for work to do the event, and I’ve been cheering and hosting challenges for a couple of years now. I love this event! Great advice for the newbies!


  2. This is the first time I’ll be participating in this read-a-thon, and I think today’s Weekday Read-a-Thon was good practice.

    These are great tips! Snacks are a must — if anything, they’ll help keep you awake. Probably half the time I spend “reading,” I’m actually dozing off; reading somehow makes me really sleepy, no matter how good the book is. And getting up and moving around are also good tips; definitely important to keep the blood flowing!


  3. I’m very excited to be participating for the first time. I contemplated not signing up because I am attending a baby shower which will take a few hours but at least I’ll eat and well. I’ll just do the best I can and I can be better prepared for next time.


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