Guess what, y’all! I finished a book. This readathon planning is hard work, so I’ve spent a lot of the day putting together posts and tweets and commenting on blogs, but somewhere in there, I’ve managed to finish reading Chiggers by Hope Larson. Hope Larson is a comics artist who is also currently working on the Wrinkle in Time adaptation. Her style is simple and sweet, usually featuring main characters in middle school or high school. I highly recommend it!

So last hour I posted a link to a Pogo Remix and I’ve been obsessively listening ever since. It makes for an interesting soundtrack to my readathon. What about you? What’s your readathon soundtrack sound like?

Current Minichallenges

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Find a Poem at The Hungry Readers.
Book Appetite at Book Journey.
Book Sentences at On the Wings of Books

More music to pump you up! I just like this song, it has nothing to do with readathon. Except for, you know, being up all night? That’s a stretch.


10 thoughts on “Hour 8 – OMG!

  1. The only thing I can listen to when I’m reading is spa-ish music. Nothing with words at all. If the TV is on, I have to go into the other room to read. I’m a very auditory person, so any noise at all distracts me. 😦 I wish I could have an awesome playlist!


  2. Wow, awesome job on the book finishing! I still have about 100 pages left to go on my first one. And I’m with the other Amy, I can only listen to music without lyrics, too.


  3. I just started my second book – about 40 pages in. There is a woodpecker outside driving me absolutely bonkers!!! And, my dog and kids aren’t helping much to keep the house quiet today, either. 😀


  4. Yay for finishing a book. My soundtrack right now is five kids who act as though they don’t know what “read-a-thon day” is. I’m hoping to finish up some homework so I can map the kids take a nap. *heh heh heh* Lu, keep up the good work.


  5. I just finished my first book as well, go us!

    I’m always listening to random pandora stations, currently on a Lily Allen/Jessie J/Natasha Bedingfield one. Of course I get so sucked into the book that I don’t realize when pandora’s paused itself till ten minutes later when I realize it’s suddenly so quiet XD


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