Let’s be honest. Reading is hard work! It’s only hour 7 and we have a long day of reading ahead of us. So let’s get down to business. Not to defeat the Huns, but to read all the books in our pile and eat all the snacks we’ve prepared and to make friends with the other readathon participants.

How do you stay motivated? It’s hard not to get distracted! Sometimes I need a break. I think I’ll take a walk. It’s nice and sunny outside. But then it’s right back to reading!

Current Minichallenges

Find a Poem at The Hungry Readers.
Book Appetite at Book Journey.
Book Sentences
 at On the Wings of Books
Turn to a Page from Reflections of a Bookaholic

Minichallenge Winners

We have one winner to announce from the Introduction Meme minichallenge. That winner is: Melissa C. from 4 A Happier Me! Email us at deweyreadathonATgmailDOTcom to collect your prize!

In other news, here is an awesome video of a Pogo Disney remix from Mary Poppins:

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