We’re in the sixth hour of the readathon! The First Lady approves.

This is Lu again, ready to cheer you on from Readathon headquarters (aka, my couch). There are a lot of minichallenges still open. Minichallenges are a great way to keep up with your fellow readers and to meet some new friends. And you might win a prize!

Current Minichallenges

New this hour: Book Appetite at Book Journey.
Book Sentences at On the Wings of Books
Turn to a Page from Reflections of a Bookaholic
Book Puzzle over at One Librarian’s Book Reviews.

Keep on reading you lovely people! In case you need a break from all the reading, here’s a video of Sparky’s Kibble Dance:

12 thoughts on “Hour 6 – First Lady Approved

  1. I finished my first book ‘Poison Study’ and am now in the middle of ‘Magic Study’. One of the things I like about kindle, is that you can buy books from home and read them immediately… I just couldn’t wait to read more of Yelana’s adventures right then and there.

    How is everyone else holding up?


  2. That’s an awesome video. < 3
    And I'm just finishing my lunch here as I type this, and them I'm back to the stacks, too. Working my way through book one still. 🙂 Hope the reading (and lunch breaks) are going well for everyone!


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