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Books can take you to many different places and guide you through many different adventures. Where are your books taking you today?

Im currently on a journey reading Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink. This story takes you back to the 1890’s where twin sisters Lia and Alice have just become orphans and enemies. Both battling to fulfill their role in an ancient prophocey.

Tells about your adventures!~

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Current Minichallenges

Turn to a Page from Reflections of a Bookaholic
Book Puzzle over at One Librarian’s Book Reviews.
Reading in Translation at Reading Through Life.



Due to a lack in donations and prizes angels there is no prize list as I am sure you have noticed by now. All the mini-challenges should have prizes and if they say that they do not please email me if you have won and we will have a prize for you thanks to a last minute small donation.

Also thanks to that donation we will be having five chances for readers and cheerleaders to win at random so be on the look out. 🙂 Email me if you are a winner of that and I will mail you a copy of what extra prizes we have.


Random reader for this hour:
Allie  @ A Literary Odyssey

32 thoughts on “Hour 4 – Lost in A Different World

  1. I finished books two and three a couple of months ago in the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy. I loved it. I hope you enjoy it too!

    I’m currently reading Garden Spells. It is set in North Carolina with a magical garden. Claire makes the most wonderful sounding dishes. It is making me hungry. I may bake something later today using Claire’s creations for inspiration.


  2. My current book journey is to the small Spanish village of Arcangel, where everyone is waiting for Manolo to grow up and become a famous bullfighter like his father was. (Shadow of a Bull)


  3. Finished my 1st book now 😀 Onto book #2.

    I’m being taken deep into a little girl’s mind in ‘My Name is Mina’. God, this character is so free-spirited and smart. I loved her in Skellig but her voice is so clear in this book, I love her even more!
    I’m only a few pages in though 🙂


  4. I’m reading The Marsh King’s Daughter by Elizabeth Chadwick, so I’m currently in medieval England. The heroine just found out that the hero isn’t really dead, so things are finally looking up!


  5. Warren, Illinois, or at least headed there. I’m reading Ashfall by Mike Mullin, and Alex, the main character, is trying to get to his family.


  6. I’m reading The Submission by Amy Waldman, so I’m being transported back to post 9/11 New York City. Not the most uplifting of settings, but it’s a good story with a powerful message. Good luck with your read-a-thoning, everyone!


  7. My book is set in the future. Human explorers on the search for habitable planets come across the first alien race they have ever encountered. Things go badly, an intergalactic war breaks out. Currently the war rages on a planet that has been colonized by Arabic and Chinese colonists.


  8. My book is set very far in the future, all intergalactic settings. What I have realized while reading however is that it is the story of Jane Eyre set in a very futuristic setting. Not sure which I like better…


  9. I reading a graphic novel called Tumor thats set in modern day Los Angeles, its interesting seeing the city I live in yet described so uniquely


  10. My book’s characters are currently on the dusty baseball field of a small college in rural Wisconsin, on the shores of Lake Michigan. Far from me in Texas, but not that far compared to the rest of the world!


  11. Percy was on a three-day vacation with his mom in Montauk, after having been expelled from his sixth boarding school, but things have just taken a truly bizarre turn and I suspect we are about to slip into some other world entirely, where mythological figures abound! This is my first Rick Riordan novel, and now I understand why everyone talks about how much fun they are!

    Happy read-a-thoning to all!


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