im back. Pictures, Images and Photos

Ok but seriously I have returned and am now fully caffeinated and ready to get serious about this thon!~
How is everyone doing out there?
Are you still awake?
Getting restless?

I am now wide awake(which may not be a good thing as I have to be awake from hour 19 on till the end)and bouncing off the walls.

If your getting alittle tired may i make a suggestion? Well o fcourse I can I am after all writing this (Ah see too much caffeine already) Get up off the couch, bed, chair and do some jumping jacks. Go for a walk! Switch to a picture book for a couple minutes. Just dont stop, and dont get discouraged!~

A note to all mini-challenge host. Please email us at the end of your event with the name of the winner so that we can let them know on here.

Current Minichallenges

E-Book Survey at Noumena12 Book Blog.
The Weird Sisters
 Challenge at Just One More Thing….
Book Staging at Midnight Book Girl.
Find a Poem at The Hungry Readers.
Book Appetite at Book Journey.


From Hour 5’s  the Book Sentence Challenge:

US Readers – Erin from Cullens to Classics
International Readers – Eden from Wilderthan

16 thoughts on “Hour 10 -Party on!~ I mean read on!~

  1. I actually feel pretty good. I was groggy about an our ago but then my charity link I am reading for took a big jump that was exciting and inspiring… and I woke up and realized I am reading for a cause! Go girl go!!! LOL


  2. Hi, Ashley! Yeah, still awake & reading & snacking 😀 I had a coffee 1 hour ago, although I’ll probably need a lot more in 3-5 hours & I’ll probably be like you then 😉


  3. Sorry guys getting the links fixed i dont know whats happening with the links today but thanks for keeping me updated!~ 🙂

    the weird sister link was fixed last hr btw


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