The next Read-A-Thon starts on October 22nd! If you’re willing to volunteer to help-out with this Read-A-Thon, please read more about the committees you can volunteer for and fill out the form below! We’d be thrilled to have you on board as a volunteer!

Cohosting Committee: This is where you get to help us run the Read-A-Thon and keep it running like a great oiled machine. It combines elements of each of the committees, coordinating other committees, and posting during your shift on the actual day of the Read-A-Thon. This ends up being the catch-all committee where all of the questions, concerns, and problems get solved! It’s very fun and very rewarding.
Approximate Hours You’ll Invest: 6-10
When Will You Volunteer? Before, During, & After the Read-A-Thon

Cheerleading Committee: This committee is in charge of rounding up cheerleaders, organizing them, and checking in on them during the Read-A-Thon. If you ask any Read-A-Thon participant, I’ll bet they can tell you how important cheerleaders are. As soon as you hit that point in your reading where you don’t think you can go any longer, a cheerleader comes by and leaves you a comment and makes you laugh, inspires you, or just brightens your day, pushing you through the next hour. Our Read-A-Thon cheerleaders totally rock and we need helpers to organize the troops and help make sure that everyone gets a dose of cheer during the ‘thon. This is not the sign-up to be a cheerleader, though signing up does not prevent you from being a cheerleader. This is more like being a team captain.
Approximate Hours You’ll Invest: 8-10
When Will You Volunteer? Before & During the Read-A-Thon

Mini-Challenges Committee: This committee is in charge of scheduling the mini-challenges so that they make sense. They’re in charge of making sure we have a challenge for every hour, and in charge of making sure that each challenge participant knows when to post and that the cohost has the correct link to the challenge. They’re in charge of helping the mini-challenge hosts come up with great prizes, and in charge of creating the public schedule of mini-challenges so that you guys know when to take the break you need while reading. This is not the sign-up to host a mini-challenge, though signing up does not prevent you from hosting a mini-challenge.
Approximate Hours You’ll Invest: 4-8
When Will You Volunteer? Before & During the Read-A-Thon

Prizes Committee: This committee is in charge of coordinating prizes with publishers, authors, bloggers, and readers. This entails organizing the prize list, and coordinating with cohosts to make sure that the prize list is updated and that each person who wins has an address after the event is over. The committee will then inform prize donors of who and where to send prizes.
Approximate Hours You’ll Invest: 2-10
When Will You Volunteer? Before & After the Read-A-Thon

Marketing Committee: This group of folks will focus on getting the word out about the Read-A-Thon. We like to get the word out as widely as possible and need help doing it. We’d like for as many people across the globe to know about the Read-A-Thon so that they can mark it on their calendar and sign-up to participate. If you’re creative and outgoing, this might be the place for you! We’re also looking for someone to put together a press-kit and marketing materials like bookmarks and posters.
Approximate Hours You’ll Invest: 1-12
When Will You Volunteer? Before the Read-A-Thon

Prize Angels Committee: This committee is in charge of finding angels to donate money for prize distribution to folks outside of the USA. Most prize donors are happy to ship to addresses in the US, and some even to Canada. But we here at Dewey’s Read-A-Thon think it’s important for this to be a global event, so we accept donations from Read-A-Thon-ers so that we can afford to send any prize to anyone who wins it. We always end up begging for money during the Read-A-Thon, so this year, we’d like to coordinate an effort before hand, and would like to make sure that we have enough money to send everyone all of their prizes. We’ve been lucky in the past and generous people have helped us get to where we needed to be, but since we’re trying to make this as global as possible, we’re going to need help this year! We will also need someone based in the US to receive the prizes and ship them internationally.
Approximate Hours You’ll Invest: 1-3
When Will You Volunteer? Before & During the Read-A-Thon

Putting on the Read-A-Thon is a lot of work, but we love doing it and love the camaraderie that we see between readers around the world during the event. If you would like to help out on any of the above committees, we’d be ecstatic to have you aboard as Read-A-Thon Staff. Just fill out the form below!

Reader sign-ups will start Monday!

11 thoughts on “October 2011 Volunteer Sign-Ups

  1. For people not seeing the submit button, try pressing ‘Tab’ after you fill out the last field (“Are there any specific talents you have or areas of focus you would like?”) and hopefully your browser should place you in the right place so you can see the submit button. (It worked for me with Firefox)


  2. Can I do something else? I honestly don’t have a marketing bone in my body and only wanted to do something because I am going to a cousin’s wedding and likely only have a few hours to participate.


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