Lucky 8 Ball


My FINAL hour in cohosting and i would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Shesten and a whole host of other people that have helped me through since i started the co-host shift. It has been a very difficult 4 hours and i have to say i cannot wait to get my nose into one of my books.

At this present moment i am surrounded by children that aren’t mine and will not even after being told there would be time out LEAVE ME ALONE! I love kids but wow! Please i want time out just tell me where it is!

So you guys have reached the 8 hour mark which is a 1/3 of the way through the entire challenge. You have done sooo well so don’t stop here push through and read, read, READ!!!

It’s Hour 8 – come on people you know you can hold out much longer! Well done for getting this far and you are going to do amazingly chugging away til the end!


Book Club Recommendations hosted kindly at Book Journey by Sheila

Winners Announced

Where In The World Are You Reading? Winner: Rayna at Libereading – please contact 1330vblog at gmail to claim a prize from the fabulous prize list! 😀

Book Puzzle Winner: Sheila at Book Journey – please contact Melissa for your prize 😀

Oldies but Goodies Winner: Still to be announced – when this happens please contact Allie for your prizes

Random Participants – there are two winners:

Beth from BookaholicMom

Sheri from The Passionate Bookcrossing Blog

Please contact 1330vblog at gmail to claim a prize from the fabulous prize list!

Collaborative Fiction winners: Kerry-Ann McDadekai charlesPlease contact Tracy for your prize

Still Ongoing

Also to remind you that there are some challenges that are coming to an end shortly so go ahead and squeeze in your chances:

Book Boyfriend Matchmaker – The winners for this mini challenge will be announced by the next cohost on duty the lovely Anastasia

Book OrigamiThe winners of this mini challenge will be announced in Hour 10 by Anastasia

Yet another hour down and you are all still going 😀 Well done!

This is the last you will hear from me on the blog front – i am not going to pay attention to all of your comments and anything else i can help with please feel free to email me. Thank you for helping me along the way and HAPPY READING PEOPLE YOU HAVE DONE SO WELL AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO.

Good Luck from Me

That's all from me

Faye (aka Young1)


43 thoughts on “Hour 8

  1. Thanks for your great work for all of us readers, Faye! Now, kick back and enjoy your chance to read peacefully. 🙂 (you know, minus the children, hehe)


  2. Thanks Faye! 🙂 I am still on book one (good grief) but haven’t had a lot of just reading time yet with all the action around me today… helping with a charity event this morning and going back yet this afternoon, but I have been listening to audio when I have not been able to sit with a book 🙂


    1. I know the feeling i am yet to start book one – after this comment i am going to close my computer as my fingers are seizing up and drive HOME – ahhh home!
      Well done for all the work you have done today and good luck with the rest of the 24 hours 😀


  3. I’m still going strong! (well, maybe a bit giddy from tiredness now..) Good luck to everyone and congrats to the challenge winners thus far 🙂


    1. They don’t give up – arrrrghhhh! I will be driving home soon and can settle ahhhh – with a nice cup of coffee!


  4. Thanks to all the host so far! I am not tired yet 🙂 and finally finished a book! house is finally quiet as husband and son have left, so now I get to get serious!


    1. If it helps me concentrate and stay awake then i figure it may help others 😀 Thank you for taking part and please keep going i know you can do it 😀
      Good luck for the rest of thon and Happy Reading 😀


    1. Why thank you very much 😀 – You have been a fantastic audience 😀 I am home now with the hubby and we are settling with the two dogs – ahhh quiet time! Good luck with the rest of the thon 😀


  5. WTG to all of the winners! After a stop-and-go (mainly stop) morning, I’m finally settled in to my reading spot, with java, juice, and water on the table and a bowl of grapes sitting alongside my reading pile. Thanks so much for hosting (and I know what it’s like when there is a houseful of noisy, bothersome [but you gotta love ’em!] bebes that won’t leave you alone)! 🙂


    1. WTG?! I had a pretty much stop/start day! Thank you so much for joining in and good luck for the rest of the time left. I just got home and i have never been so happy to see my two dogs! So quiet – me and the hubby are gonna cuddle and read 😀 And have a well deserved drink! HAPPY READING 😀


    1. No problem – thank you for reading and joining in – you can get all the way – keep reading and Good Luck 😀


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