The Fifth Hour 

Welcome to Hour 5, my name is Faye and i am here to answer your questions, cheer you on and just, well, i’m here! Well done for getting this far – and i hope you are all eating and drinking as well as taking regular breaks to rest your precious eyes.

The sun is shining over here in the UK and i am soaking it up. So if you need anything feel free to get at me on the Deweyreadathon at gmail (put my name in the subject box and ill reply ASAP), ill also be on Twitter seeing how you are all getting on.

So during this hour there is a lot going on much like the rest of the day but to keep you informed let me give you a run through of how it’s going down!


Oldies but Goodies over at A Literary Odyssey run by Allie

Winners Announced

I have some winners for this hour which include two of the wonderful cheerleaders that have been rooting for you all to get through this great challenge. So to stop me waffling! The winners of Hour 5 are Kim from Sophisticated Dorkiness and Lisa from Lisa’s World of Books

Contact 1330vblog at gmail to claim a prize from the fabulous prize list!

Still Ongoing

Also to remind you that there are some challenges that are coming to an end shortly so go ahead and squeeze in your chances:

Book Puzzle at One Librarian’s Book Reviews hosted by Melissa head on over for your chance to win two books from her list available, the winner will be picked and if you see your name then give her an email to claim your new read!!

Collaborative Fiction at . . . hosted by Tracy on this challenge Tracy will start a story and bit by bit you can all add lines to it to make it something truly sensational!

Well that is all from me at this hour and ill be back soon!

Good luck and HAPPY READING!

Faye (aka Young1)



38 thoughts on “Hour 5

    1. Hi Jennifer – so far i haven’t read anything yet as been on full steam ahead this morning with family and the thon! But in the pipeline i have Katie Fforde – Going Dutch & Emma Donoghue – Room. When i get home i have others which include Tiger Hills and hopefully the rest of Very Valentine! You?


  1. Hi Faye *waves*. Enjoying this readathon so far although I am not impressed that the sun has hidden itself away from Yorkshire now, tsk! Still, I have a comfy couch, lots of coffee and a huge pile of books – what’s not to love? 🙂


  2. Wow, this day’s just flying by! I can’t believe we’re already at hour five.

    And enjoy that sunshine, Faye. Today’s the first time we got any here (my part of Canada) for a while, and I can definitely relate on how wonderful it is.


  3. This is my first time checking in. I’m currently reading ‘Altar of Bones’ by Philip Carter, which is a break-neck paced thriller with lots of running about and avoiding getting killed for its protagonists.

    I had already started it, so have added another 235 pages, meaning I am about 100 pages from the end.

    My cat Buffy has been keeping me company.

    Right well back to the action. I plan to read until about 7pm (BST) and then have a break for dinner.


  4. The question about classics is luring me to change course and re-read my favorite… The Woman in White.

    Maybe a snack will help me stay focused?

    Hummus with pita, maybe?


  5. I can’t believe it is hour 5 already! I have not read nearly as much as I wanted – but took a break this last hour to celebrate mine and hubby’s birthday that we had at the end of March. Today was the first day the family was together!

    Happy reading!


  6. Hi Faye, its nice to meet you. The sun is shining out here is Missouri, though this morning we had a huge storm. I am so running behind and I am just not jumping into the read-a-thon but better late than never! 🙂



  7. Is it bad that I’ve been enjoying the comments here / blogging more then I’ve been reading? Oops…guess I should get to work


  8. Hi Faye, thanks for hosting 🙂 I have read some great books, On book #3 right now. The Book Puzzle challenge was fun, I suggest that to everyone! Good luck on Hour 6 everyone!


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