Hour 3

Two down, Twenty-two to go? Now, that doesn’t sound super-motivating now does it?

What’s the weather like where you are? It’s rainy rainy rainy here today. Which is both good and bad for a Read-a-Thon, I guess. It’s days like this that you want to stay inside and read, right?

We’ve had a suggestion via Facebook that we’re implementing on-the-fly… Someone asked if we could compile a list of books that were read throughout the Read-A-Thon. At first, we were like, “Um, that’s a ton of work, probably not, sorry.”

Then we decided we could create a Google Form and you guys could add to the list for us. So, if you’d like to add what you’re reading to the list, click over to this form and enter the details! We’ll publish the list in a few days to give people time to add the books they’ve defeated.


This hour, start your engines by heading over to try out your hand at the Collaborative Fiction Mini-Challenge!

Winners Announced

Thanks to our fantastic cheerleaders so far! We’ve randomly selected two of you to receive a prize, so congrats Trish from Trish’s Reading Nook and April from Good Books and Good Wine. Pick your prize from the list and email 1330vblog at gmail to claim your prize!

Still Ongoing

Introduction Meme
Where in the World Are You Reading?

46 thoughts on “Hour 3”

  1. It is overcast here in central Minnesota and I am happy about that. Yesterday we had our first day that hit the high 50’s which to me was super exciting! I was itching to get outside and actually took my bike out for the first time in 2011.

    Today is a perfect day to stay in and read 🙂


  2. It’s actually gorgeous out today, which is making it hard to stay inside! I might head out in a bit and do some reading down by the river.


  3. Right now it is cold, but I don’t know if that is California or if it is just me ad my room. I hope it will warm up because the cold makes me want to curl up under the warm covers and go to sleep…


  4. It’s a dark and stormy morning here in Bloomington IN…and I’m reading a dark and stormy book to go with it, so in my estimation, it’s a perfect day


  5. Fellow read-a-thoners, I HAVE A MISSION FOR YOU.

    I just found a message written in a book I got from the library that appears to be in Norwegian (?). I would love to know what language it actually is, and what it says! If anyone is familiar with Scandanavian languages and would like to help me out, I’d appreciate it. Check out the picture I posted over on my blog!


  6. I’m sort of freezing cold right now! Snuggling under the blankets is kind of making me want to sleep, but I’m still reading! Thank goodness the book is keeping me totally enthralled 🙂


  7. The weather is pretty good up here in Oulu, Finland. Probably +5 celcius degrees and very sunny. I think I might go out at some point for a walk and an ice-cream or something.


  8. That was a fun mini-challenge! I’ll add my list of books once this thing is done and dusted. Today in Milwaukee it’s grey, lightly raining, and far too chilly. We’re supposed to get up to 70 degrees, but so far it’s mid-40’s. I don’t know, warm temps and grey skies freak me out a little – it’s tornado weather!

    Good thing I”ll be inside today, reading lots and lots of books!


  9. It’s a beautiful day here, lots of sun & I kinda want to go out, but I won’t 😉 It will be interesting to see what everyone read! Maybe you can also mention when a book was read by more than one reader 🙂 if it’s not too much trouble.


  10. Off to a slow start this morning, but I’m sure I’ll pick up the pace. I love the idea of a giant list of books defeated during the read-a-thon. I’m interested to see what everyone else is reading.


  11. It’s dark here in Taipei, and I don’t really know the weather. Cool and comfortable, I suppose! The read-a-thon started at 8pm here, so I look forward to long night hours to start out. I guess I could go read in the park under the streetlights for a 2am change of pace, though!


  12. It’s so beautiful and sunny here; one of the nicest days yet this spring. Too bad my apartment building doesn’t have much of a yard, but the breeze from the wide-open window feels great and refreshing.

    And I love the book-list idea!


  13. Doing more blogging/challenges than reading. Might have to boycott this page for awhile… Just finished up the Collaborative Fiction mini-challenge (fun!) and will post finished books if I ever actually read one…

    The weather is overcast and mild in the Washington, DC area.


  14. We are in Mineola, TX and will begin posting at 12 noon. Our reading team is made of library patrons and any community member that would like to document what they are reading. The headquarters are at Mineola Memorial Library * 301 N Pacific St * Mineola, TX It’s not to late to join the team here! If you can only participate part-time, no worries … with a team of readers, someone will always be reading something, so we have more time for breaks (if needed).

    We may be starting late, but we will still be reading when the challenge ends. We pledge to get in 24 hours of unadulterated reading time!!


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