I only had the one lolcat picture so from here on out it’s interesting Youtube videos. This one’s sure to either wake you up with its awesomeness or put you into a trance. So, y’know. Be careful?

Meanwhile, how are y’all doing with your reading? Still on top of things or have you been sucked into reading the #readathon tweets for half an hour?

India asked in the last post’s comments what I was reading– well, technically I’m not participating in the readathon beyond my cohosting duties (and a bit of unofficial cheerleading), but I started reading The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale earlier! Too busy refreshing email/blog/Twitter now to actually continue to read it, of course…

Recreate the Cover is being hosted for the next three hours by Shel and Monica of The Hungry Readers! It sounds very exciting– basically you have to recreate a cover image of one of the books you’re reading for the ‘thon using only what you have around the house.

Winners Announced
What’s that? I get to pick MORE random commenters of the hour to win fabulous prizes? Yes! I do! And those winners are Muse, Melissa, Charlotte, and Stormi! Congratulations to all of you! Pick a prize from the prize list and email your choice to Vasilly at 1330vblog at gmail.

The Book Boyfriend Matchmaker mini-challenge’s winner info is just a bit late, but I’ll update this post whenever I get it.
Update! The winner of the Book Boyfriend Matchmaker is Cathy! Congratulations!

Still Ongoing
In Other Words
Book Club Recommendations

Don’t forget to add your completed books to the master list!

41 thoughts on “Hour 10

  1. Woohoo, hour 10! We’re finally in the double digits. That’s a lot of reading, and it’s just been so peaceful and relaxing. A great way to spend a relaxing Saturday. 🙂


  2. I had to take a break and walk around the block some. I have so much coffee running through my veins, plus my 2yo needed to get out of the house. Haha hope everyone is having a good reading hour!!!


  3. As an official cheerleader, it seems I am doing most of my cheering on twitter. It is so much fun to have interaction with other participants 🙂

    For now I will head over to the next mini challenge and then going to bed. Have fun you people at night and stay strong! (I choose beforehand to just get my nightly sleep in)


  4. I’ve spent the last 5 HOURS dealing with a major plumbing issue at my house – needless to say, no reading got done. Darn it – it makes me so mad! I wait for this day every six months, and I lost a good chunk of time (and daylight) to plumbing. *SIGH* Oh well. At least I can get cracking and hopefully make up for all of that lost time!

    Hope everyone else is doing great – I know you all are!


  5. I took a break to go bike riding and get lunch with the husband, and that ended up taking all of hour 9. But now I’m refreshed and ready to read. That video is awesome!


  6. Twitter is addictive that’s true. I finally finished Matched by Ally Condie and I’ve never been so exhausted after reading a book before. It’s almost midnight here in Vienna but I keep going 😉 Coffee please!!


  7. I’ve been trying not to get sucked into twitter this time because that is what happened last time. I feel like I haven’t read much considering it’s hour 10.


  8. I’ve been reading away for the better part of 7 hours now, but my lack of sleep last night is catching up with me now. I’m taking the next hour-ish to read blog posts and check through Twitter. Just need to find my second wind!


  9. This is fun! I’m discovering new blogs too read and getting reading done. I’m considering using the readathon excuse year round as my kids have been ridiculously good and quiet.


  10. Also, you should try downloading Tweetdeck to your computer. It’s free, and you won’t have to refresh twitter. You can follow #readathon as well because they have columns.


  11. I did the Book Cover Mini-Challege, as well as the Oldies but Goodies mini-challenge but neither of those posts are showing up on their blogs. *sighs* I worked so hard on the book cover one too.


  12. I’ve had good reading energy, so I’ve purposefully been staying away from my computer so I don’t get sucked into all the fun stuff online (aside from this main site, of course). That way, when I need a longer break from reading, I’ll be able to indulge in some Twitter/cheerleading goodness!


  13. It’s hard not to get sucked in to twitter and other’s blogs but I am really trying to focus on my reading right now! I keep putting the laptop away while I read and hour or so and then check back in!


  14. Wowie! 🙂 I keep forgetting to check back in every hour. 🙂 Welcome and thanks for being a cohost! 🙂 I got sucked into an xbox game for a while though. 🙂


  15. I got talked into seeing a movie earlier, but once I got home I’ve been glued to the pages of my book! Just now taking a mini-break to check out twitter and here.


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