October 2010

Hour 11

It’s almost there! We’re almost at the half way mark, can you believe it? I’m in awe of some of the spectacular reading I’ve been seeing. Some of you have been checking books off like a toddler wolfing down chocolates! Way to go!

Up for this hour, a great new mini-challenge, of course, and next hour be prepared for our Mid-Event Meme…you don’t want to miss it! Until then try and keep your books organized and keeps those reviews in mind for later, so that you don’t end up looking like this:

Speaking of organization, is there a way you keep organized through all of the reading? Do you write a few thoughts down or the entire review before moving on to your next read?


Think all audiobooks are created equally? Well, think again and take a try at the Mini-Challenge for this hour, Attempting Audiobooks hosted by Jen at Devourer of Books. Are the books you are reading for readathon available on audio, and would you listen to it? One winner will win an audiobook from Jen’s collection, and it’s open internationally as well!

Winners announced

Winners from our amazing comments:
Michelle from Literarily Speaking
Nikki from Widerthan
Buffy from Situations Where You May Need It
Lesley from Young Adult Books Reviewed

Congratulations! Email deweyreadathon@gmail.com to claim your one book.

Winners of the Indie Pride Mini-Challenge were Heather from Book Obsessed and Jennifer from Rundpinne!
Winner of the Book Puzzle Mini-Challenge was nfmgirl from Cerebral Girl in a Redneck World!
Winners of the Arm Chair Traveling Mini-Challenge were, in 1st place: Trisha from Eclectic/Eccentric and as runners-up Brandileigh from Blkosiner’s Book Blog and Erin from Erin Reads!

Still waiting to hear who the winners are for the Microfiction Mini-Challenge and the Love to Hate Mini-Challenge. If you have that information feel free to email me at the deweyreadathon@gmail.com address. Many more winners to be announced in the next hour!

Still ongoing

Shake Those Pom Poms

Pet Pics, Prized Pages and Pachyderm Prose

31 thoughts on “Hour 11”

  1. I’m preparing for my reviews by keeping my notebook with me at all times! It moves where I move. I write down all my thoughts as I read..jot down page numbers of quotes I like. So far I’ve also been keeping my tallies written down too so I can update my update post quicker and get back to reading!


  2. Considering I’m reading longer books that take a while to get through, it’s not hard to organize at all!

    Still trying to finish the damn 19th century novel, though I am getting to the point where I want to hit some characters over the head with a two by four for either being an annoying social climber or being too whiny.


  3. I just write a few thoughts down as I read. I usually sit a day or two later to consolidate a full review.

    You guys are doing a great job!! Thanks for all the wonderful cheering!


  4. Hooray, bookmarks! I’m happy to have won 🙂

    I take notes on index cards as I’m reading through a book, and I copy down any quotes I think I might want for my review. As long as I have that record, I can read other books before writing a review.


  5. i just jot little notes while i’m reading and don’t even think about reviews until after the readathon. i’d never stick to books if i sat down and tried to write reviews!

    great job everyone. keep up the great work!


  6. Well, I don’t really do many reviews anymore (I used to, a couple of years ago), but I got many pieces of paper in my books with questions that would go unanswered in books, tips and sometimes completely random things like a music that particular chapter reminded me of or something I had to do when I went online.

    & the read-a-thon is going quite well for me so far! I’ve been reading almost none stop, and the first hours were more difficult than now. I’m more of a night person.
    And I just took five minutes to do a little musical selection. I’ll probably add more 😉

    Good luck to all you fellow read-a-thoners! 😀


  7. I only make notes if there is something particular about the book I want to put in my review, otherwise I usually write a big batch of reviews once every other week…which is why my “to be reviewed” pile is so out of control. Perhaps I should re-think this…

    very cute picture! 🙂

    keep it up everybody, happy reading!


  8. I’m still chugging away at my first book, but I’ve found that every hour in my review I’m jotting down little notes (for instance, for three hours my notes were “goddd this character is so boring” and then suddenly I had a change of heart and now I can’t stop fawning over him. It’s kind of fun doing the review like that, to see how your opinions change and progress.


  9. I’ve been making a few notes about whatever I’m reading, but since I’m planning to write my reviews tomorrow I should hope I can remember enough to write them even if I didn’t!

    Also, that is an ADORABLE baby. 😀


  10. Some books I take notes while reading, other times I write a little bit about the book, including characters names when I’m finished reading. If it’s a book that stays with me for many days and I find myself thinking about it a lot, I’ll jot things down for a few days.

    I’m not good, at all, at writing a review as soon as I finish reading a book or shortly thereafter. But I think it could be a good habit for me to get into. Better than procrastinating with my reviews!

    ~ Amy


  11. I don’t often review books, usually keeping in mind some appeal factors and subjects for readers’ advisory. As far as organization, I do collect books every week or so to put on LibraryThing.


  12. Sometimes I take notes while reading, but most of the time I just stop and think through the basic review when I finish the book without writing down comments. I try to write reviews within a few days of completion, and if I read more than one book in a week that I intend to review, sometimes I write the review anyway and just schedule the post to appear the following week. I find that giving the book a few days to “set” in my mind before writing the review is really helpful. I try to capture an initial mental reaction, but I write better after giving the thoughts time to percolate a little.


  13. I do make notes as I read and write down favorite passages and quotes…I am huge fan of the Moleskin book journal…I love them…have already filled two this year!


  14. I jot down some general thoughts while I’m reading, sometimes a quote that I lilke. I also wait a couple of days before finalizing my review.

    Thanks for the awesome job to all the cheerleaders. I’ve loved the cheers I’ve received.


  15. Well, my main attempt at organization was to put together the list of books and put them in a pile in the order that I will read them. I WAS going to attempt to do mini-reviews on 3 and full reviews on 2 TODAY, but determined that THAT was a bad idea. I’m taking quick notes as I go, so that I can fill in the review outlines with my final thoughts after I get some sleep!


  16. I know I meant to do some reviews today too but so far I have been just reading and making notes…so tomorrow will probably be review day…but it’s nice to get ahead in my reading!


  17. I jot down notes as I go. Makes my thoughts a tad more coherant. I love audio books and I have many favorite. The latest book I am reading would be incredible as an audio, Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods. It is hilarious.


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