Wow!  Look at the time!  It’s time again for the search for our wonderful Mini-Challenge Hosts for the October Read-A-Thon!

We are looking for Book Bloggers to host a mini challenge on their blog site for a couple hours during the October 9th Read-A-Thon.  A mini challenge is just a fun little game that kind of breaks up the time for our dedicated readers to enjoy.  By hosting a mini challenge you are going to bring many Read-A-Thon participants to your blog.  This is a great traffic draw!  Need ideas for a challenge?  Explore the Mini-Challenges on this site from the April event for a little brain storming….

and then….

fill out the form below. 😛  The Mini Challenge Coordinator Team will review the applicants and fit in the challenges into the time slots we have available.  The Team strives hard to keep the challenges unique from each other.  Those who are accepted into the time slots they requested will be notified at the end of this week.

Please note that if your challenge is accepted you do need to be prepared to post during the Readathon at the time that is appointed to you (the form has time slots you can choose from).

Please check out the Readathon FAQ’s page if you have any questions.

Thank you for considering to be a Mini-Challenge Host.

You, my friend,  ROCK!

12 thoughts on “It’s Time For The Mini Challenge Host Sign Up!

  1. i dont know if this has ever happened before but I won a minichallenge in April’s Dewey and the blogger never followed through despite months of back in forth they now won’t even reply back to me maybe you can ask for volunteers or leave a link where winners can report this:) I’ve given up. Bloggers are usually sooo cool I’d hate for someone else to go through that


  2. Ooops…Where did you get such a link ?
    Server cannot locate what you are looking for !
    The Server tried all of its options before returning this page to you.

    You are looking for something that is not here now.
    You can always try doing a search or browsing through the Archives.
    Don’t loose your hope just yet.

    This is the message I get when I click the link in this sentence “Please check out the Readathon FAQ’s page if you have any questions.”

    I tried at least 5 times. Not a big deal to me , as I think Sheila has answered my questions anyway, but I thought I would let you know so that the link can be fixed for other readers.


  3. hmmmmm strange. It still doesn’t work for me. I did access it from the sidebar earlier. But thought I would check the link again, just to see if it did work. I still get the message I posted in the previous comment!


  4. Please help! I want to sign up for a mini-challenge and have not been able to do so. I want to support you guys. This is a great event you organize…


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