Wow! I can’t believe the readathon was just last week…it seems like it was forever ago! Thanks to everyone for making the readathon so fantastic! I really love the book blogging community!

Thank Yous

First and foremost, I want to thank the volunteers that eagerly and capably came to my aid. The readathon is extremely time consuming to administrate, and I really couldn’t have done it without these folks!

If I forgot someone, I apologize. The readathon is a blur, not just now, but when it was happening, so if I forgot you it’s just because you caught me at a time that I was unaware of my surroundings. 😉 Even more folks offered to help but I didn’t end up taking them up on their offer only because I’m still learning to delegate. 🙂


We like to announce mini-challenge winners here on the readathon site, and these are the mini-challenge winners we weren’t able to announce while the readathon was in progress:

We still have some winners to announce, folks who won after the readathon ended:

The prize for most time spent reading goes to the little reader for reading for 23.25 hours. Congratulations! You win one individual book of your choice and one prize pack. Please email deweyreadathon at gmail to claim your prize.

The prize for most pages read goes to Bitsy at Fabula: A Book Blog with 1,816 pages read. Congratulations! You win one individual book of your choice and one prize pack. Please email deweyreadathon at gmail to claim your prize.

We have two winners for Most Enthusiastic Cheerleader: Staci from Life in the Thumb and Bart from Bart’s Bookshelf. Staci will get the set of origami bookmarks from Bellezza and a prize pack OR two books of her choice, and Bart will get A set of 10 themed bookmarks from Morphidae and a prize pack OR two books of his choice. Congratulations you two! Please email deweyreadathon at gmail to claim your prize.

We also picked three winners for the End of Event Meme, and those folks are: Amused by Books, Lenore from Presenting Lenore, and Vicki from Reading at the Beach. Congratulations! You all won a prize pack OR two books of your choice. Please email deweyreadathon at gmail to claim your prize.

We inadvertantly forgot to announce the winners of the Mid-Event Survey! The winners of that and what they won are:

Congratulations! Please email deweyreadathon to claim your prize.

In Hour 18, we asked people if they were raising money for charity. We randomly picked one person, and that’s m. smith gentry. Congratulations! You won the $25 gift card courtesy of Morphidae! Please email deweyreadathon at gmail to claim your prize.

Angels Still Needed

Okay, we are running low (actually in the red here) on Angels. Angels, you ask? Yes, we call them Angels because what they do is make it possible for the readathon prizes to be open internationally since many of the donors are already going out of their way to give the books, we need the Angels to pay to get them to the winners. This year we have more international peeps than usual and have completely run out of Angels!!!! We really need your help so that the readathoners from all over the world can get their books and bookie things. International Priority Flat Rate (envelope that fits one book, box that would fit a few) is $13.45. So it’s not too expensive, but we couldn’t do it without your help. If you are interested please head on over and fill out this Angel Form. Thank you so much!

**We also need angels in Europe! Please help make it possible for everyone in the world to win a book!

The Next Readathon

The next readathon is scheduled for October 9, 2010. Hope to see you then!

12 thoughts on “April 2010 Read-a-thon Wrap-up

  1. Congratulations to everyone! This was so much fun! Thank you for the opportunity to participate and all those who make it happen. Can’t wait for October to do it all again!

    Cheers! 🙂


  2. I’m crap at getting to the post office to mail things, and someone’s package would sit in my living room or office awaiting my good intentions to come to fruition. But I’d be happy to send some money via PayPal or some other means to cover a package being sent overseas.


  3. This was a GREAT event! As a first timer I wasn’t even close to prepared for this, but nonetheless enjoyed it anyhow. As of right NOW I am A)requesting Oct 9th and 10th off from work so there will be no interruptions. B)advertising for the Oct 9th readathon starting NOW on my facebook, personal blogs, etc, so that I can inspire all my friends to join and c)get back to finishing up my own novel, after all, maybe someday IT will be on someones list of TBR s!
    thank you everyone, and please, if there is a way that I could donate towards a book getting overseas, let me know, I’d love to participate in that way.
    Thank you to everyone that made this possible!


  4. I had so much fun at the previous read-a-thon, but was abroad for this one, which I am so sorry about. I feel like I have really missed out on a great event. Hopefully I’ll be able to participate in October! I have signed up as an International Angel 🙂 Let me know if I can help!


  5. Thanks for a good readathon! The next one is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend but I’ll still be able to participate. It’s actually better than any other weekend in October for me as I have other commitments. I’ll just stay up all night, sleep a few hours and then do thanksgiving LOL.


  6. The bad news is that the next readathon is on my daughter’s birthday! The good news is that that means I’ll be sure not to be scheduled for work that day, so I may actually get to participate.


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