Well hello dear readers!
Do you realize that with hour 6, we are almost at the 1/4 of the way mark?
It is true.
We are.
How are you holding up? We have a little bit of fun planned for this hour, so pay attention and check out the fun mini-challenges being offered.

Mini Challenges:

1. Andye, from Reading Teen, is hosting a, It’s Your Story…So Write It! challenge. Using Mr. Linky, readers take turn adding parts of the story to create one big story. Check it out–it sounds like a blast!

2. Mama Librarian is hosting another challenge designed to get your creative juices going called Lights, Camera, Read. Gather pictures related to the read-a-thon and create a animoto. Don’t know what that is? Click on the link and head to her blog to get all the details…

Winners Announced:
I have the winners drawn from Hour 2, for first time participants. You all win 2 books of your choice from the prize page, and lucky #1 also wins a lifetime membership to LibraryThing!!!

1. Lynn @ stuff & nonesense!!!!!!

2. Julia @ sehr sogar

3. Andye @ reading teen
4. Kinna @ kinna reads

Congratulations! Winners please email us at DeweyReadathon at gmail to claim your prize.

The winner of the Kick Off Of Champions mini challenge from hour 2 has been chosen!
Congratulations to Jenny from Dreaming of Books!
Go back to visit Miss Remmer’s Review to claim your prize.

Still Ongoing:

Bart’s, Book, Title, Sentence Challenge
Nicole‘s Feed Me Seymour Challenge
Kate‘s Book, Score, Soundtrack Challenge

Have fun with the reading and the challenges–leave a comment if you are having trouble with anything! We (Sam and I) are hanging around and will have a new update in an hour….

15 thoughts on “Hour 6

  1. Congrats to all the winners! I feel like such a slacker. I have been at this for 2 hours and still have only started one book. Happy reading everyone!



  2. Melissa, I read (if I’m not mistaken) on the FAQ page that participants may start earlier or later, so I guess it’s okay to start in Hour 5. When I started Hour 1, I visited one reader’s blog who said that she started reading late after picking up her kid. But, I suggest you to contact someone via the read-a-thon’s email for valid info 🙂

    It’s 12:17 am my time and I’m still reading 🙂


  3. It’s Your Story…So Write It! challenge was a little confusing but fun. so many people adding at the same time the story doesn’t flow very well but it’s still fun.


  4. I thought the “Bart’s, Book, Title, Sentence Challenge” was a very innovative idea. Sad, I couldn’t get my camera working (how can things go wrong exactly when you dont want them too ?? )
    Go ahead and read my entry for “Nicole’s Feed Me Seymour Challenge”


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