April 2010, readathon

Hour 14

Okay, well let’s give Shesten of I Heart Monster a HUGE pat on the back and applause, thank you! I will now be your co-host for the next bit, I am Bethany, or you can call me Dreadlock Girl- they all do.

Are you impressed with yourself yet!?! We’ve made it to T Plus 14! We are over knee deep in this Read-A-Thon now and it is just getting better and better, if I do say so myself!  It has been a blast getting to know you all, enjoying our eyes going bloodshot together. That is fun, right?! Oh, yah! Enough chitter chat, let’s get rolling.?


This hour’s mini challenge is Bookish Movies to play head over to Lydia’s at The Lost Entwife chat it up about a book that you’d like to see made into a movie, and cast one character!

Winners Announced

Carrie from Nomad Reader announced her winners for the Where in the World Are You Reading? Mini Challenge. They are, Nan from Nan’s Corner of the Web, Michelle from Michelle’s Masterful Musings and Spav from Fiction Kingdom Congrats to all!

We also have Winners to Announce for the Intro Meme! Each of the following get their choice of a book prize pack, and the first winner ALSO gets the chocolate monkey.: Bonnie Jacobs (Bonnie’s Books), Michelle at Literaily Speaking, The 1st Daughter from There’s a Book, Fyrefly from Fyrefly’s Book Blog and Shauna- Reading and Ruminations Will the winners please email DeweyReadathon at gmail to claim your prize.

Challenges Still Open

Romancing Your Friendship Mini-Challenge

12 thoughts on “Hour 14”

  1. I have to go to bed soon seeming I have church tomorrow but I had a wicked grand time. Thank you all again for making this awesome and fun. I will try to put a closer on it with a picture.


  2. Oh, I’m so excited I won on my first read-a-thon! You guys have put together an insanely awesome event and an equally impressive prize list.

    You are all so fabulous!!

    OK … I need to lay off the caffeinated foods. This may get ugly. 🙂


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