LOLcat library
(Any librarians out there?)

How are you all doing? This hour’s two mini-challenges are Nicki’s Dance-a-thon and Lynn’s Give me Five mini-challenge. Nicki’s dancers will get a itunes gift certificate, and Lynn’s winners a $15 e-Bay gift certificate.


The winners of the Mid-event survey are: Valerie (who gets  an attaché full of books and a chocolate monkey) and Monica (who gets a  Hachette bundle of books). Congratulations!

We also randomly picked two readers: Samantha and Book Psmith each get two books of their choice from the prize list. Congratulations, everyone! As before, e-mail deweyreadathon at gmail to claim your loot.

Still happening:

Eva’s Mini-Challenge (last hour)
Meryl’s Mini-Challenge
Care’s Mini-Challenge

14 thoughts on “Hour 17

  1. A shout-out to our hosts here! I can’t reach my e-mail (nor post on my blog at the moment (don’t ask why….)) so I’ll claim my loot this way in hopes that you might see it. My choices:

    In Over Her Head by Judi Fennell
    Truth, Justice and the Vampire Way by Ashley Ladd


  2. You guys updating every hour is one of the things that gets me to take a much-needed break. Without that I would probably be much more tired than I am.

    I just had some friends drop by to cheer me on in person too! And they brought books! 😀


  3. Congrats to the winners!

    Famous Reader’s Toast

    May you…
    Always have books on your shelves,
    Snack like there are no calories,
    Blog as if you were Dooce,
    Win copious challenges and drawings,
    And read like it was the read-a-thon.


  4. Jill, THANK YOU for cheering me 😀

    Debi: awww 😀 I’m doing okay. I was really tired of a while there, but I’m doing better now!

    Book Psmith, you’re welcome!


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