deweys-readathonbuttonThe Dewey’s Read-a-Thon, Autumn 2009 edition, will be held October 24-25, 2009.

Mark your date planner! Clear the weekend on your calendar.

So excited you want to get started now? Check the FAQ page for more (general) information, and watch this space for updates! Stay informed by subscribing to this blog in your feed reader of choice. And follow the read-a-thon on twitter.

If you want to help, email your fearless co-hosts: DeweyReadathon AT gmail.

27 thoughts on “Date set for October read-a-thon!

  1. Oh Hooray! I am so excited–my first read-a-thon was this past Spring and I was sick, sick, sick with bronchitis so I wasn’t in top form. My son Sam read a long with me and I am curious to see if he wants to again. I am looking forward to this.


  2. I love the date! It’s on the end of my “fall break” (as in, Spring Break but in another season, I don’t know how to call it!), so I’ll be able to do all my work and studying during the week to read, read and read!


  3. Great – Marking the calendar and not double booking the day this time around. Looks like Stacked will have East and West Coast participation, so more than 24 hours of blogging! Now to pick out a fundraiser and what books to read.


  4. I am so excited reading about this – I intend to participate in October – keeping my fingers crossed about work schedules; I need to come back to get more details of the challenge and the reader, cheerleader etc.

    You are doing a great job; its awesome! Amazing work!


  5. Yoo-hoo!! I missed April and wondered if I had another chance. Here we go, I am marking my calendar. My 7-year-old is as excited as I am (although he is having permanent read-a-thons all year :D)


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