Long Day lolcat

I do believe the lolcat says it all.

This hour, we’re challenging you to write a limerick about the read-a-thon! Come on, you know you want to. The silly mood that always seems to come upon us all in the last stretch is sure to help. When you’re done, come back and enter your name in the Mr. Linky below. Don’t forget to make sure you’re linking to the specific post, and not to your blog’s main page. This mini-challenge will only be open for this hour, and the winner gets one of Lynda’s homemade bookmarks and a box of Earth Day books (check the prizes page to see what’s included).


Still happening:

Debbie’s mini-challenge (open until the end of the read-a-thon)
Participants in all 4 read-a-thons: leave a comment in the hour 20 post.
Vote for the winner of Kim’s comic mini-challenge
Eva’s mini-challenge (open until the end of hour 23)

14 thoughts on “Hour 22

  1. People! Hath not a co-host eyes? Hath not a co-host hands,
    organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions?

    If you do not comment, do we not feel lonely? 😦


  2. Great job with the read-a-thon, ladies! It looks like it was very successful, and I see there are still some hard-core troopers hanging in there! Sadly, I didn’t get any reading in today, but I’m glad that so many people made the commitment to give themselves a day of reading. I’m sure Dewey would be proud.


  3. I know I will grimace tomorrow when I read what I wrote at 4:30 am! It is bound to be really, really bad….but, then again, aren’t all limericks really, really bad?!


  4. lol, no worries, Eva 😀

    Debi, it’s all about not being afraid of being goofy!

    I’ve left SO many comments filled with typos it’s not even funny. Ah well…nobody will hold it against us.

    Thank you for commenting, everyone 😀


  5. Oops–I just entered my name in the wrong Mr. Linky. I added it to the Limerick post, but I meant to add it to the charity post. I’m going to put it on the correct one, so if you could delete me off this on, I would appreciate it! Thanks! 🙂


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